New research center for nanotechnology and health

Europe's largest nanomedicine center to be built in the UK

A £ 21.6 million center for the development of nanotechnology for the healthcare sector will be built in Wales.

The center, which will be located at the University of Swansea, will be Europe's first dedicated healthcare nanotechnology center. Plans to create the Nanoshealth Center received the green light last week after the project raised more than £ 10 million from the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF).

The nanoscale technologies to be investigated could, for example, allow scientists to apply engineering methodologies to successfully build and repair tissues such as cartilage or skin, using advanced cell culture techniques, including adult stem cell methods.

Dr Chris Wright, director of process engineering products and professor at the University of Swansea, said: “By applying techniques commonly used in process engineering to regenerative medicine, we can not only predict and control the behavior of cells and structures, but also to test them before reintroducing or implanting them in the body to obtain better results in applications in the healthcare sector ”.

Professor Steve Wilks, co-director of the Center for Nanoshealth and deputy director of the university's School of Engineering, added: “Everyone believes that nanotechnology will be a big thing in the future; and it is expected that, in 15 years, the markets related to nanotechnologies will exceed 2.5 trillion dollars ”.

Source: Nursing Times

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